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We help you find international foods that satisfy your late-night cravings and give you a taste of a new snacking culture around the globle.

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What is Plant-Based meat, types and how is it made?

In recent years the trend of converting to a vegan has been on a rise. The food industry has capitalized on this opportunity by introducing plant-based meat. Plant-based meat is meat made from plants. It is specially designed and created to look like, taste like, and cook like conventional meat. The Buzzzz In recent years, a growing body of research has

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The Benefits of Integrating International Snacks in your Diet

Every Indian foodie dreams about having the opportunity to travel to other countries or continents to try new flavors and find the most peculiar local ingredients and foods. Some of them may even have a bucket list of fascinating places and famous dishes they would love to try. However, sometimes life happens, and those dreams of travel get delayed indefinitely.

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Cheetos to imported chocolates: all the top international snack brands

Indian dining has evolved into a tradition of “three square meal” but today’s consumers are snackers. People have started trading meals for snacks. Some people eat between meals because they hold a vague notion that frequent eating is healthful, others report snacking to satisfy cravings for sweet or salty foods, prevent or relieve hunger, boost nutrient intakes, control weight, rev