Choco Pie 6p, Custas & Rice Cracker - Assorted pack (Pack of 3)

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Orion Choco Pie is the original Choco Pie ,Orion uses the best and well research ingredients , a snack cake consisting of two small round layers of chocolate coated cake with Marshmallow filling , custas cupcake light and creamy super soft cupcake which melts in your mouth, unlike dry cakes, this is moist,easy to bite and the taste is consistent every time. Orion O’Rice cracker light and tasty baked not fried


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assorted combo of Orion Choco Pie customised cupcakes and orange crackers combining the goodness of rich chocolate coated cake with delicious of Marshmallow Orion Choco Pie is a dream come true for people who have a sweet tooth Orion cutters cupcake is a light cream in super soft cake cake which melts in your mouth Orion aur ise tractor is a slightly sweet and salty rice cracker with 100% baked and not fried


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