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Yumzo Christmas/New Year Gift Hamper Medium

Yumzo Christmas/New Year Gift Hamper Medium

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Christmas/New Year Gift Hamper by Yumzo, Cherish your relationship with your loved ones with this amazing collection of International and Indian snacks and chocolate gift hamper.


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What you will get?

Maltesers Teasers Bar, 100g

If you are a fan of the traditional Malteser, then you are bound to love this delicious Malteser Teasers bar. Chunks of your favourite Malteser chocolate is filled with tiny balls of Malteser honeycomb, giving every mouthful a sweet, malty crunch. Most popular with customers in United States of America (USA), Canada, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Monaco, Norway and Sweden, but you can buy Maltesers Teasers Bar for delivery worldwide.

Suitable for vegetarians

Milka Caramel 100g

In the middle of this smooth milk chocolate gourmet bar, awaits for you to discover it’s deluxe tasting Caramel that is then topped with a luscious ribbon of liquid and silky toffee. Buttery and rich Caramel along with the sensational smoothness of milk chocolate, make the Milka Caramel Chocolate Bar simply divine! This exceptional gourmet chocolate bar is savoured, devoured and loved worldwide. Made with milk from the Swiss Alps, Milka Chocolate Bars have been thoroughly enjoyed for over 100 years!

4700BC Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn

Enjoy our exclusive heartcrafted caramel gourmet popcorn sprinkled with Himalayan salt. Packed in our premium pouches which are convenient to carry and easy to use. Certified Non-GMO corn Trans-fat, and Gluten free. No MSG Jumbo Popcorn.

TAI SUN Roasted Peanut 40g, Cholesterol Free

Lightly roasted, our peanuts are irresistibly crunchy and flavourful. Good for an active life style and perfect for snacking. It is Naturally Cholesterol Free & Trans Fat Free.

Twix 50g

TWIX Chocolate covered Caramel Cookie Bar is a delicious treat you will definitely like. With crunchy cookie, smooth caramel, and creamy chocolate to savor twice each time, TWIX allows you to make whatever you’re doing more fun. Crispy and crunchy, TWIX bar gets you gooey caramel and rich chocolate in every bite along with just the right bit of crunch. The pack contains 2 parallel bars and all you have to do is pick a side. While the Left TWIX is crisp with flavorful cookie and deliciously chewy caramel under a smooth creamy chocolate covering, This one-of-a-kind chocolate treat is ideal to be shared with friends, co-workers, family or even strangers, and add fun to any situation.

Red Bull Plus Zero Sugar 250 ml

The New Red Bull Plus – Healthier with the same great taste. Efforts to bring healthier energy to consumers have led to Red Bull releasing Red Bull Plus, a new improved formula fortified with Vitamin B5, B6, and B12 to boost energy levels and support immunity and mental function [i]. The new Red Bull Plus contains ZERO SUGAR, but has the same bold taste to power people through the day and night. Now compliant with Health Promotion Board HCS Sugar Guidelines [ii], Red Bull Plus can be sold in all government premises including offices, hospitals, military institutions, allowing us to provide real energy to everyone across the nation.

Glacier Cocaball Truffles Vanilla Flavour 180g

Experience the ultimate chocolate indulgence with irresistibly smooth Milk Chocolate Truffles. Whether celebrating with colleagues, relaxing with family or savoring time to yourself, these fine GLACIER Chocolate Truffles are an elegant accompaniment to all of life’s little moments. Classic milk chocolate flavor fills the delicate chocolate shell and smooth, melting milk truffle center for an indulgent milk chocolate candy treat. When you break the shell, the truffle’s smooth, luscious center begins to melt and so will you. This box contains individually wrapped milk chocolate truffles making it an ideal size for stocking up or sharing. GLACIER chocolate embodies the passion and expert craftsmanship of Master Chocolatiers for a luscious and rewarding chocolate experience. Made to Melt You.

Gaia Cookies – Multigrain, 200 g

Gaia Multi-grain Cookies contain a blend of six super well ingredients- bajra, ragi, whole wheat, soya, oats and rice that provide your body a great dose of flavorsome healthy nutrition. Loaded with protein fiber vitamins and minerals these cookies are healthier and superior alternatives to normal cookies. These are big on health and small on guilt.

Tex Mex Salsalito Nacho Chips – Mexican Chilli, 60g

Experience the happiness of tearing into a bag of Salsalito Mexican Chilli Nachos, our traditional triangle-shaped corn chips, which are light, crunchy and seasoned with the exact amount of spiciness, is the perfect companion for your spicy taste buds.


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