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Reward Program

Yumzo Reward Program

What is Yumzo Reward Program?

It is our unique membership program for all our loyalty members that lets you earn points on all your merchandise purchases and redeem those points for rewards.

How can I earn Reward Points?

All Yumzo members will be entitled to earn reward points on every purchase.

  • The first purchase will fetch you 500 points
  • The product review will fetch you 100 points
  • Referral sign up will fetch you 500 points 
  • Every ₹10 of your purchase will be equal to 1 point

How can I redeem the Reward Points?

At checkout, available reward points will be automatically applied to the cart to generate the discount. in case of any confusion, rewards points can be entered manually too. 

There will be a discount of ₹10 on every 100 points. 

How can I check my reward points?

A few simple steps can lead your way through:

Go to MY ACCOUNT > My rewards

Under this section, you can find all the necessary titles starting from ‘Generate referral link’ to ‘Check reward points’

Are there any restrictions on earning points?

  • Sign up points are credited only after the first purchase 
  • Points can only be credited once the purchase is complete
  • Product review points are valid only if the buyer himself is critiquing the product
  • The end calculation is done on the selling price of the product
  • It excludes coupons, discounts, and taxes 
  • The Referral link once generated, expires in 30 days.
  • Referral points will only be awarded if one referral link per referrer is circulated by multiple people 
  • The referral point won’t be awarded if the IP address of the referrer and referral is the same 

Are there any restrictions on redeeming points?

  • Redemption of reward points is not possible if a coupon is already applied 
  • To redeem points, the minimum cart total should at least value ₹500
  • A minimum of 100 points should be available in the wallet to process the redemption

I'm facing issues with my reward points!

For further assistance contact us or write us at [email protected]