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What is Plant-Based meat, types and how is it made?

What is Plant-Based meat, types and how is it made?

In recent years the trend of converting to a vegan has been on a rise. The food industry has capitalized on this opportunity by introducing plant-based meat.

Plant-based meat is meat made from plants. It is specially designed and created to look like, taste like, and cook like conventional meat.

The Buzzzz

In recent years, a growing body of research has linked the consumption of red meat to problems such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Processed meat, in particular, is dangerous to human health. This pandemic has caused the Indian populace to be well aware and conscious of their dietary needs. They are becoming well aware of the fact that vegan food reduces the risk of food-borne illness, maintains weight without effort, maintains the ecological balance, and a lot more. As the plant-based meat industry grows, it could help the world avoid long-term food insecurity. Therefore, Sustainability is the future and a sustainable diet should be a part of it. 

The Brands

To not give newly turned vegans a hard time brands like Beyond Meat, Impossible meat, Future farms, Linda Mccartney’s, Field roast have taken a step forward and introduced Plant-based meat in the form of a burger patty, nuggets, sausages, and a lot more. These brands are on a mission to change the way the world eats because that’s how we’ll ensure a safer future for people, animals, and the planet. These brands significantly use less water, land, energy, and generates fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) than a beef burger. By shifting from animal to plant-based meat, these brands positively impact four growing global issues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare.

When companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods say that their plant-based products taste like real meat, they’re not exaggerating. After years of experimentation, brands have developed convincing meat replacements with plant ingredients like soybean roots and pea protein. Impossible Foods gets its burger to “bleed” by adding an iron-containing molecule called hemoglobin, and the Beyond Burger relies on beets to create a similar outcome. All their products offer greater or equal protein levels than their animal counterparts, no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones.

Where to buy Plant-based Meat in India?

In India, a lot of alternatives to these brands are available but these specific brands are exclusively available at yumzo. an online website that imports all international snack brands in India. Keeping the current situation in mind they take all the necessary precautions be it sanitization of the product to cashless delivery. 

  • Imagine Meats Plant Based Butter Chicken, 300g
  • Imagine Meats Plant Based Chicken Tikka Masala, 300g
  • Shaka Harry Just Like Mutton Keema, 250g
  • Shaka Harry Just Like Chicken Momos, 240g
  • Beyond Meat Beyond Meatballs, 200g
  • Big Sam’s Meat Free Keema Momo’s, 290g
    Product on sale
  • Big Sam’s Meat Free Keema Samosas, 230g
    Product on sale
  • Imagine Meats Spiced Sausage, 500g
  • Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausage, 500g
    Product on sale

We’re in a crisis. Humanity is depleting the planet’s finite resources at a rapid rate, the environment is undergoing drastic, unnecessary, and unpredictable changes, and people suffer from myriad diseases linked to their diets. We can’t fix all the crises by embracing veganism, but we can be one part of the solution. 

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